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 Law Firm
Websites and Lead Generation

More qualified leads and the automation process that converts them into clients.

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Timing is everything
when it comes to lead generation.


Automated Work Flows

Once a lead goes through a web funnel, that lead is put through a process that supplements your sales cycle.

High Quality & Quantity Leads

Utilizing over 12 years of experience in digital marketing and lead generation with various channels.

Upfront Results

With our automated processes, we are able to meet with you and go over what results we have gotten you. 


Why AG Marketing Collective?

What makes us different?

We have worked for the big legal marketing giants and the big yellow page companies. We’ve seen how they do it. We have made a better way.

In summary, the differentiator is a complete automation process that we customize for your sales cycle. It is a proven process that will help your firm grow, period.

Getting you a lead is just the first step. We understand that every law firm has its own unique sales process. It is our job to create custom automation processes that supplements and fits within your sales cycle.

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